is a new website which provides weekly sailing schedules for specialist break bulk services from the UK to major transport hubs worldwide.

Although the website currently only shows schedules for UK to Far East routes the site will soon be populated (over the coming weeks) to show all of the major shipping routes crossing the globe.

*Update: now also has the following routes:
Europe to Australia
Europe to Middle East
Europe to North America

*Update: now also has Europe to North Africa route:
Europe to North Africa

As well as these shipping routes the site also provides a detailed description of what break bulk cargo is and a gallery of photos from break bulk shipments being transported worldwide. The website is new to the market but brings a professional and easy to use interface allowing users to navigate through the pages quickly and efficently.

Whether break bulk cargo is your speciality or you are looking for schedules to meet your break bulk cargo demands this is sure to be a site to watchout for as it prodives essential break bulk information and a diverse gallery of break bulk shipments.

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