Break-Bulk Africa Congress 2012 (South Africa)

The city of Cape Town (South Africa) is hosting the 1st Break-bulk Africa Congress, which takes place the 7th and 8th of August. Important projects in infrastructure development and abundant resources in mining and raw materials are adding to Africa’s emergence as one of the world’s hottest break-bulk/heavy-lift markets. There is also an increasing wave of overseas investment headed by China as the number one trade partner as well as South Africa’s inclusion as one of the BRIC countries. But Africa’s historic trade and transportation challenges remain as barriers to entry for many logistics providers. Speakers of the Break Bulk Africa Congress will identify new capital projects, examine port and rail productivity, discuss coastal shipping, and review best practices. Logistics decision-makers will seize this unique opportunity to network and learn from specialists.

Event Description
This two-day-event is a top-level set of conferences, which is intended to gather all key players of transportation and freight forwarding such as: sea-freight, port operations, sea-freight terminal technologies, rail transportation and more. Sponsors include prestigious Kuehne + Nagel as well as other organisations active in the field such as Universal Freight Organisation and International Transport Journal.

On the first day, a conference will cover Customs regulations and how to ease border bottlenecks in order to keep the transport chain lead times under relative control. Heavy industry projects such as the mining industry require movements of huge amounts of cargo from remote areas to the sea, where the goods are then exported. These long transport chains often have problems while moving their cargo through African borders. Orators will describe initiatives to alleviate its impact to the overall operation. Afterwards, the productivity of West Africa ports will be discussed during a second conference, which will conclude the day.

The second day is fully dedicated to the theme of coastal shipping, and themes such as the impact of piracy on Africa’s shipping routes. We all have seen the images of pirates attacking cargo ships along the Somalian coast. The International Maritime Office statistics say that around 400 acts of piracy took place in 2009, a number increasing year after year!

Transportation Deficit in Africa
Although Africa has one of the highest birth rate in the world, it is still facing severe health and safety problems. Nevertheless, parts of the continent are able to engage in heavy industrial activities, funded by western companies. The lack of infrastructure appears to be a real problem to logistics and freight forwarding professionals. In many cases, investors will build part of the infrastructure themselves in order to ensure a seamless execution of freight forwarding activities. This may also include several kilometers of road! The integration of national networks in a Pan-African scheme would boost economic development in the surrounding areas. The potential is as huge as the amount the required for investment. International freight forwarding to and from Africa is a real challenge, and failing to choose the right logistics partner is a definite no-no. Attending the break-bulk Africa congress will provide you with valuable insight and information about logistics in Africa.

Africa still registers positive and significant growth rates. With its population set to reach a billion people in less than 10 years, it is a land of promises and opportunities. Attending the Break-Bulk Africa Congress 2012 is a key step in looking for reliable partners and the best transportation know-how for doing business in Africa.

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